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James Bonamassa

Vice Chairperson

Adina Johnson


Dennis Gallagher


Esther Berkowitz, Ph.D.



Joan Bisciello

Sr. Eileen Marie Corrigan, RSM

Louis Comunelli, P.E.

Sr. Camille D'Arienzo, RSM, Ph.D.

Anne Kreitsch

Walter Kreitsch

Amie Marcano-Nieto

Stephen O'Keefe

Sr. Kathleen Quinn, RSM

Marianne Sheehan

Anne Tully


Advisory Board

Charles Bennett

Jim Bisciello

Pauline Blake

Executive Director

Marcela Cuevas


On behalf of the Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center Board, Staff, and Families, I would like to give our deepest condolences to the Morgan Family. Patrick Morgan was very special to our Center. He gave so much of his time for over 15 years. He volunteered as an ESL teacher, a board member, board chairperson, Fundraising committee chairperson and much more. His dedication and love for the mission of the Center was outstanding. He connected us to many organizations and brought on 5 new board members. Pat's enthusiasm to better the Center and improve the quality of life for all that came to the Center was so admirable. He is loved by us all and will be missed dearly! He will always be in our hearts and we are forever grateful to him for all he did for us.  Rest in peace Pat.

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