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  • Golden Age Club
    The Golden Age Club for seniors meets twice a month on Mondays.  It's a social and educational program that not only provides a place for seniors to meet, but also provides informational workshops such as a nutritional workshops as well as workshops revolving around managing personal finances. Other activities that the seniors partake in are art & crafts, exercise, playing BINGO and table board games.


  • Crocheting Club
    The crocheters meet twice a month accompanied by Sr. Lourdette O'Keefe. Participants crochet projects for themselves and to donate to those in need at local shelters.


  • Other Social Services:

    • Housing referrals and assistance

    • Parenting classes

    • Financial and Immigration workshops

    • Translation Services


Schedule: Monday and Tuesday, 10:30am - 12:30pm

For more information call us: 718-622-7448


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